Immersive art, interactive installations, live performances, virtual & augmented reality, video mapping & lighting design: the international community of digital artists and creative industry professionals move to Leipzig for three days of exciting events.

Bright Festival_Connect will take place from 23 to 25 October 2020 in the industrial space of the Kunstkraftwerk, an ancient power plant from the early 1900s, which has come back to life after 24 years of closure and transformed into the first German museum dedicated exclusively to digital arts.

54 high-performance projectors, an IT cluster with 16 computer-servers and a sound system designed to envelop visitors in a futuristic and fascinating context.

All in all, the 3,600 square meters of walls and floors covered in digital art will host the scheduled meetings and immersive shows.

During the day: meetings, keynotes, digital exhibitions and immersive experiences curated by experts and designers from all over Europe.In the evening: audio-visual shows and live set performed by international artists.

Bright Festival_Connect is the international cooperation project fostering the digital creativity through educational and cultural events realized in collaboration with artists, design studios, partners and institutions from Germany, Italy and Russia. 

This event is in collaboration with: 

Denkzeit, Leipzig City, Canon, Berlin leuchtet, Oubey mindkiss, HTWK, LAT, International science and fiction Festival, Kunstkraftwerk.

This event will take place in accordance with all the advice from the german health authorities.