6 JULY - 31 AUGUST 2022

We are pleased to announce a new stage in our project to promote Italian digital creativity!   

MEET, the International Centre for Digital Art and Culture located in the heart of Milan, presents for the first time in Italy an exhibition dedicated to digital projects produced in our country by 27 creative studios which stood out for their ability to innovate, experiment and develop new forms of artistic expression.

From July 6th to August 31st, you can immerse yourself in the immersive and video mapping artworks created by 27 Italian digital art studios surprising and fascinating visitors from all over the world with their creativity in recent years. 

A journey through images, sounds and visual narratives made in Italy designed to offer an overview of the styles, languages and techniques used in the production of shows and digital content of the highest level. 

Italian Digital art Experience is an exhibition by MEET, curated by Stefano Fake, in collaboration with Bright Festival.

The collective exhibition stems from the itinerant project Farnesina Digital Art Experience, promoted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. 


Exhibition programme:

The group exhibition will include works created by 27 Italian creative studios working in the experimentation and production of digital audiovisual installations, gathered within three thematic areas:

> The main hall will host the first collective immersive art project ever realised in the world: “Farnesina Immersive art Experience”. 

A work lasting over  60 minutes, designed to envelop the spectator in a spectacle of images, sounds and visual narratives inspired by the themes of art, history, literature and current affairs.

> A first gallery will be dedicated to the art of videomapping, with the scale reproduction of the shows realised by Italian digital creators in the international stages of the project. These include the famous show created on the Palazzo della Farnesina, which kicked off the project in 2019.

> The second gallery will host some of the installations that have been hosted in recent years by European festivals. 

More info on programme and tickets can be found at the link:

The artists:

Antaless Visual Design (Palermo), Antica Proietteria (Reggio Emilia), Apparati Effimeri (Bologna), AreaOdeon (Monza), Delumen (Modena), FLxER (Roma), Full Frames (Montecatini), High Files Visuals (Torino), Immersive Media Studio (Siena/Milano), Kanaka Studio (Avellino), Karmachina (Milano), Leandro Summo (Bari), Luca Agnani Studio (Macerata), MammasONica (Catania), Michele Pusceddu (Cagliari), MONOGRID (Firenze), Mou Factory (Cremona), Odd Agency (Palermo), OLO Creative Farm (Como), OOOPStudio (Reggio Emilia), Plasmedia (Lecce/Foligno), Pixel Shapes (Ragusa), Proforma Video Design (Livorno), Rorschach Visual Project (Piacenza), Sinapsi Videomapping Lab (Genova), THE FAKE FACTORY (Firenze/Milano), WOA Creative Company (Milano).


MEET ( is the International Centre for Digital Art and Culture in Milan. Born with the support of Fondazione Cariplo, it wants to contribute to bridging the Italian digital divide in the conviction that innovation is a cultural fact, even before being technological. In addition to the Meet the Media Guru series of meetings with the protagonists of world innovation, MEET promotes cross-fertilisation programmes between digital creatives and companies, actions and paths dedicated to innovation for culture, exhibition projects, and site-specific installations for Italian and international institutions. A 1500 square metre space that Carlo Ratti Associati has reinterpreted starting from the concept of a digital culture centre, working on the idea of fluidity, interconnection and participation. Main partner of MEET is Intesa Sanpaolo. Partners of the digital culture centre are Artemide, Mediatrade, ETT Solutions and George Brown College in Toronto.

Night at the museum _Dewalta





19 MARCH 2022

A special night for all electronic music and clubbing lovers!

We can’t describe the atmosphere we breathed all night long as digital art and underground music transformed the halls of the stunning Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig!

DeWalta, one of the most appreciated producers on the Berlin scene and beyond, performed live surrounded by immersive art shows designed by a team of international artists.

For the audience, an overwhelming experience.
For us, the endless excitement of being back on the dancefloor after so many months away.

Thanks to all the digital & music artists, technicians, workers and, of course, attendees who contributed to making this night magic.



Dewalta (Special Guest)
Weg (Watergate Berlino)
novae (Brotfrabrik Lipsia)

Flight Firenze 2021




DIC 8 2021 - GEN 6 2022

From 8 December 2021 to 6 January 2022, the city of Florence is transformed into an open-air gallery hosting digital art projects on the surfaces of the city’s buildings and monuments.

Two of our projects have been accepted and will animate the architectural surface of two of the most iconic buildings in the city: the Spedale degli Innocenti in Piazza SS.Annunziata and Ponte Vecchio.

For the occasion, we involved a collective of Italian artists that includes visual artists, motion designers, 3d designers and sound designers under the name MetaExperience.




These two projects were carried out in collaboration with the MUNICIPALITY OF FLORENCE and MUSE FIRENZE
and with the contribution of

Mascagni Festival




SEPTEMBER 1-5 2021

From 1 to 5 September 2021, the suggestive seafront of Livorno hosted the digital art show that we created on the occasion of the Mascagni Festival, in collaboration with IMMERSIVA.

Seven Italian art studios (made up of visual artists, 3d animators and sound designers) were invited to create an unprecedented video mapping show, inspired by the history and music of the famous Livorno-based composer Pietro Mascagni.

The event, open to the public, was repeated for 5 days, arousing amazement and wonder in the more than 5,000 visitors who attended the video projections on the facade of the Grand Hotel Palazzo.

Studios and artists involved:Apparati Effimeri 
Luca Agnani Studio
Mou Factory
Elisa Nieli 
Edoardo Berti
Davide Finazzi
Pro Forma Studio


Il Messaggero
Il Tirreno
Comune di Livorno 

This project was carried out in collaboration with Immersiva Livorno, with the contribution of

Bright Festival Connect 2021_ Leipzig



21-24 OCT 2021

Despite the difficulties of the period, Bright Festival Connect returned in Leipzig with its second edition gathering artists, institutions, enterprises and visitors worldwide through the new languages of digital creativity. 

4 days and 3 nights of exciting events, 30+ design studios and international enterprises, 40+ installations, performances and shows ran in the stunning spaces of the Kunstkraftwerk from 21 to 24 October 2021.  

Over 3000 visitors lived a magical journey through digital & interactive installations, immersive art shows, dj sets, light & sound experiences designed by worldwide creative studios and artists.

Find out the artists and watch the highlights

Verboten Berlin_ immersive hybrid show_ en





Immersive hybrid show

JUNE 28TH 2021

For the first time, the German duo Verboten Berlin performed live surrounded by 360 immersive art shows! 

Fourteen of the best Italian digital artists met up to design this extraordinary immersive art experience; an exciting path through multimedia narratives and new technologies, offering a wide overview of the most innovative styles and techniques in digital production!

Respecting all safety regulations, a limited number of visitors were allowed to attend this unedited show, designed to celebrate the connection between cultures and countries through the new languages of contemporary art.

Discover more



Project: Bright Festival, Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig GmbH

Visual show design:

Video editing: Perception tech

Partners: Beatport, #FazeMagazin, TicketSwap

Bright Educational online_international edition



International edition

23 - 24- 25 APRILE 2021


On April 23-24-25, the first international edition of Bright Educational online held on our digital platform!

Professors, experts and representatives from international universities and enterprises in the digital creative sector gathered to rule on the new trends and job opportunities born with digital transformation.

The program included over 52hours of lectures, workshops, talks, and masterclasses in Digital Art, Lighting Design, and Electronic Music. See more


Kunstkraftwerk Leipzig – Wacom – Derivative (Touch Designer) – Notch – Beatport – Ticketswap – Woa Creative Company – Disguise – Loopmaster – Samplesound – Jade Green Productions – Università degli Studi di Firenze – IED – New York Film Academy – Istituto Marangoni – Istituto Modartech – Fondazione Fashion Research Italy – Accademia Cappiello – Skyup Academy – Italian Design Institute

Rinascimento digitale


Creative partner



15.12.2020 - 06.01.2021

The famous loggia designed by Brunelleschi in Florence, hosted the works of four digital video artists,designed  to convey to the city a message of Rebirth and hope through the new languages ​​of digital art.


The digital artists were selected from 72 candidates from all over Italy, who participated in a digital arts competition for talents under 35.

Inspired by the architectural context and the historical moment we are experiencing, the artists were invited to reinterpret the Digital Renaissance theme using the technique of video mapping, a fascinating form of contemporary art that allows the redesign of architectural surfaces through the use of digital technologies and video projections.


After months of darkness, the facade of the Istituto degli Innocenti has returned to shine through digital art, symbolizing the vitality and the hopeful future that we all hope for.


The show was broadcast live on Sunday 27 December at 9.00 pm on the social channels of Bright Festival, La Nazione, Corriere Fiorentino and The Florentine.


Institutional partner: Comune di Firenze, Mus.e


Creative partner: Concept D

Bright Festival Connect 2020



23-24 - 25 OCTOBER 2020

The international community of digital artists and creative industry professionals, moved to Leipzig for three days of exciting events.

During the day: meetings, digital installations, VR and immersive experiences curated by experts and designers from all over Europe.

In the evening audio-visual shows and live set performed by international artists took place in the fascinating spaces of Kunstkraftwerk.
A new ambience dedicated to the digital creativity in which attendees could get in touch with new technologies and live immersive experiences.

The event took place in accordance with all the advices from the German health authorities. Read more

Digital Storytelling: 14 capolavori dall'Italia al mondo

Pochi mesa fa abbiamo avuto l’onore di collaborare con il Ministero degli Esteri nell’evento nazionale che ha riunito 14 dei migliori studi di arte digitale italiani, chiamati a ridisegnare il Palazzo della Farnesina attraverso l’arte del videomapping. 

Per una notte la facciata del Ministero si è trasformata in una tela da 10.000 mq e 15 milioni di pixel, che ha accolto narrazioni visive spettacolari concepite in omaggio al grande valore storico-culturale dell’edificio e dell’Istituzione che risiede al suo interno.  

Abbiamo chiesto agli studi coinvolti nel progetto di raccontarci le storie che li hanno ispirati e di mostrarci le tecniche utilizzate per l’ideazione, la progettazione e la realizzazione delle loro opere d’arte.

Un approfondimento affascinante che ci ha fatto riflettere sull’importanza dello storytelling, elemento caratterizzante delle opere visive talvolta poco valorizzato da parte degli artisti o degli spettatori.
E’ necessario sottolineare che la realizzazione di uno spettacolo di videomapping non consiste soltanto nella scelta di animazioni ed effetti grafici da proiettare su una superficie ma richiede uno studio approfondito dell’architettura, della sequenza narrativa e del messaggio che si vuole trasmettere, oltre ad una grande competenza nella creazione tecnica dei contenuti.

Se è vero che anche l’occhio vuole la sua parte, non si può negare che conoscere il significato di un’opera ne accresce notevolmente il valore, ci permette di imparare qualcosa di nuovo e di fissarne il ricordo nella nostra mente per molto più tempo.  

Con professionalità ed eleganza, gli studi coinvolti hanno unito il fascino del racconto alla ricchezza e alla varietà dei significati attraverso codici, allegorie e virtuosismi artistici: una prova emblematica di Digital Storytelling che ci ha reso ancora più consapevoli dello straordinario potere comunicativo del video mapping e del fascino evocativo delle nuove forme di espressione digitale.

Abbiamo chiesto agli studi coinvolti nel progetto di raccontarci le storie che li hanno ispirati e di mostrarci le tecniche utilizzate per l'ideazione, la progettazione e la realizzazione delle loro opere d’arte.