Immersive  Interactive

Heartsync x Sonic Driving

Nino Basilashvili x Laura Papke - Netherlands

Experience a sense of deep connection! Heartsync x Sonic Driving, for the first time presented at Bright Festival, is an interactive installation where you can, as one of ten people, engage in a live session by forming a circle and wearing a heart rate sensor.

Your live heartbeat data and the synchronization patterns of the group will be translated into dynamic visuals. The visuals are complemented by unique low-frequency sounds driven by the participants’ heartbeats, blending into a collective symphony.

Each person has their own unique heartbeat rhythm. Despite this uniqueness, people’s heart rhythms can synchronize. You will see, hear and feel how it is to synchronize in a group!

– Sessions will be held every hour and will last 15 minutes each.

– Ten participants per session can join, while the rest may observe as audience members.

– Reservations can be made directly at the event.

Laura Papke and Nino Basilashvili are two interdisciplinary artists from the Netherlands. In their work, they investigate heartbeat synchronization. Laura explores this phenomenon through the use of low-frequency sound. Nino investigates synchronization through data-driven visual compositions. Their vision is to cultivate communal well-being by crafting audiovisual experiences that foster deeper connections.