Light & Kinetic

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KINETICShow - Italy

ReFlex is the kinetic lighting installation set to dominate the main stage this year. It represents the fusion of the latest laser and kinetic technologies, in which light, the undisputed protagonist, is refracted on the mirrored surfaces of the kinetic discs, creating a unique, innovative and technological artwork.
Crafted by the visionary Alessio De Simone with technology led by Stefano Cazzulo and soundscapes by Mangrooveya Studio, “ReFlex” is set to debut a brand new version, crafted to enchant visitors with its seductive dance of lights and moving mirrors…

KINETICShow is an Italian creative team specialising in developing and producing high-profile kinetic light installations. From SanRemo to XFactor, all the way to the Olympics, the productions of KINETICShow stand at the vibrant intersection of advanced technology, aesthetics, and creativity. Each project is crafted to engage the audience through magical symphonies of light and motion.