Virtual Reality

Metapoetry - Virtual Reality

Mitilanti / Alterego - Italy

Have you ever been inside a poem? Here’s your chance to navigate 5 of them, by elevating your senses and your experience of poetry.

5 Virtual Reality experiences depicting 5 poems, each with a unique character and scent, that will leave you amazed by this blend of tech and literature.

A collaboration between the poetry collective of Mitilanti and Alterego Digital Lab.

Mitilanti is a well-established poetry collective based in the Bay of Poets. They have proven experience in organizing poetry slams and extending the limits of the poetry field with events like “Poetry Call” and “Sail-In”.

Alterego is a collective of creative people involved in the creation of virtual reality experiences related to the world of culture and art. Various interests related to communication, music, visual arts, digital design and new technologies converge within the group.