- Abstract Redemption Illustrated (through) Artificial Intelligence -

A.R.I.A.I. merges human creativity with instant AI interpretation, creating dynamic artworks with changing light effects. The multisensory experience transforms spaces into shared art performances using videos and graphic animations. Users play an active role, fostering a creative community and promoting diverse artistic expression. A.R.I.A.I. is not just a tool: it’s an inspiring force for creativity and community engagement.

Artistic duo Alessandro Grisendi and Marco Noviello, known as OOOPStudio, creates videos, mappings, and installations. Digitally processing real data, their works connect the virtual and real worlds, generating evocative images and essential visions. Through the fusion of natural elements finding new life in the digital realm, they create unique abstractions that transcend simple representation. These artworks serve as reflections on time, where technology-enabled distortion narrates the surrounding reality.