Light & Sound

Worlds of Light

Radiante + Banjo Soundscapes

Get ready for an immersive experience where you shape the luminous landscapes around you. Inspired by string theory, this experience invites you to interact with sonic landscapes and tiny, vibrating string structures that evolve in an artificial atmosphere created for exploration.

Presented with a brand new composition, “The Worlds of Light” will be showcased in the magnificent Alcatraz space at Stazione Leopolda.

Radiante, led by Manuel Conde, merges technology and art to create, produce, and install artworks, projects, and exhibitions, including lighting and video designs for performing arts. Radiante’s works range from Burningman to architectural lighting, showcasing its innovative exploration of light and its effects on human experience.


Banjo may present themselves as musicians, sound makers, and producers. However, what truly defines them as sound artists is the way they envision their work, weaving music and sound design into consistent and descriptive soundscapes established by their sonic strategy.