The Fake Factory - Italy

The installation showcases one of the recurring themes in The Fake Factory’s artistic poetics: the physical presence of the audience within the artwork. The visitor becomes an active presence capable of generating an infinite series of gestural choreographies and chromatic compositions with their own body.


The Fake Factory presents an interactive installation created by Stefano Fake and Alberto Gennaro based on a project in TouchDesigner designed by Elekktonaut.


The final aesthetic recalls the pioneering video experiments of Norman McLaren (“Pas de deux” 1968) and the video art works created by Fake in the early 2000s (“The Essence of Dance” 2004-2005). The dancer/performer’s body is replaced by the presence of the visitor, who takes on the role of a true and central actor in contemporary immersive digital art installations.
Award-winning studio specializing in videoart, videomapping, immersive experiences and new media art projects.
THE FAKE FACTORY created visuals and curated visual installations for public and private institutions in prestigious contexts worldwide.
Its founder, Stefano Fake, is currently one of the main Italian representatives of the new digital art form known as IMMERSIVE ART EXPERIENCE, and he created some of the most successful exhibitions in the world.