Immersive  Interactive

Through the Surface

Alice Felloni & Graziano De Vecchis - Italy

Come “Through the Surface” to explore the dichotomy between the first impression and the deepening of perception.
The installation will show you two distinct worlds: the first one will appears as you approach the installation, offering an initial perspective; the second one will emerge as you engage in direct interaction, offering a deeper and more immersive view.
Interactivity thus becomes the bridge connecting appearance to substance, allowing users to explore the hidden depths beyond first impressions, and to embrace the beauty and complexities that reside beyond surfaces.
Alice Felloni is a visual artist who focuses her interest in digital art in the field of augmented reality. Since 2016 he has been teaching visual arts and video mapping at the IED in Rome.
From architectural videomapping, stage mapping, immersive experiences to live sets and video installations, Alice is constantly exploring through different forms of visual art and her way of expressing herself takes us into a surreal reality.
From architectural video mapping shows for companies such as Fendi, to electronic music festivals such as Sonar, to video installations on large tree canopies for the Noor Light Festival in Riyadh, to the creation of stage mapping and holographic installations for the reality of Italian music concerts, the focus is always the same: to make the audience experience the magic of illusion through digital art.


Graziano De Vecchis is an interaction designer working with light, video and LED pixels. The combination of these elements fuels his desire to mix them creatively, leading to delightful surprises with each magical event. Passion and a relentless pursuit of new technologies define his daily endeavours, as he cherishes the profession driven by a genuine love for the craft.