Saturday, April 20th

XR. Web 3. Metaverse. AI: New Languages For the Artistic Expression

Speaker: Elisabetta Rotolo


DURATION: 1 h 30 min

LEVEL: Basic



Discover the new world of immersive and emerging technologies that are making waves worldwide with their unique and impactful content!
In this lecture we will draw a cross-sectional and international overview regarding the best success stories emerging in different sectors, which technologies have been used, what results have been achieved.
Join us to explore upcoming trends that are shaping the future and learn the skills you need to succeed in this fast-changing field!



Students, Enthusiasts, Artists, Filmmakers, Creative and Executive Producers, Marketing and Communication Professionals, Innovation Managers.

Elisabetta ROTOLO

CEO & Founder of MIAT

Elisabetta Rotolo is the CEO & Founder, Creative and Executive Producer del MIAT Multiverse Institute ForArts And Technology.

Her experience ranges over several fields. She is a business strategist and brand management executive with experiences in international organisations such as State of New York, Walt Disney, Mattel and the Olympic Games.
She is an interior architect a creative & executive producer and art director. She is leading international award winning artists and creatives and trainings for international creators, visual artists and directors, to create with AI using an ethical and human-centric approach.

Notable her experience as keynote speaker at the Immersive Global Summit, Venice Biennale, Artissima, Immerse Global Metaverse Summit, Gatheverse Global Summit, and many others.
She is moreover a contributor to Artribune, member of OnLive Campus with Piedmont Foundation, board member and Italian representative of Euromersive, Advisor of Fondazione Cariplo for the Art and Cultural sector.

MIAT is an educational and creative hub for immersive arts and emerging technologies, integrating an XR Academy with hands-on and practitioner-driven industry access training programs, alongside a full-service immersive production centre generating original immersive experiences also for the metaverse.